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For the “Pick Your Own” North Carolina Grapes You Love, Boyette Vineyards in Clayton, NC is the Right Choice

Countless North Carolinians look forward to the season when always delicious Muscadine grapes are hanging lush and ripe on the vine. And when it comes to Johnston County, NC vineyards, you’ll find exceptional quality grapes when you and the entire family enjoy a “pick your own” grapes outing at Boyette Vineyards in Clayton, NC. Situated on several scenicacres, our beautiful vineyards offer the picture perfect location to harvest your own sweet and delicious grapes straight from the vine (or simply purchase the premiere quality fruit we have carefully selected for you).

Once You Visit Our Clayton, NC Vineyards, We Know You Will Come Back Year After Year

Directly after Boyette Vineyards owner, Glenn Boyette, opened his Johnston County, NC vineyards to the public, his “pick your own NC grapes” fun has become a yearly tradition for grape lovers from across the region. And for good reasons – not only will you find unsurpassed quality Muscadine grapes at the height of the local harvesting season; you will also discover a serene and beautiful landscape everyone enjoys. Add to that a super-fun and family friendly atmosphere and you’ll soon become an annual visitor to Boyette Vineyards in Clayton, NC.

Sweet and Juicy, NC Muscadine Grapes Are Waiting for You

Muscadine grapes thrive in our North Carolina climate, and at our Johnston County, NC vineyards in Clayton we offer five (5), “just picked from the vine” and delicious varieties of black and white Muscadine grapes that include:

  • Nesbitt – A large, black fruit that is cold-tolerant and perfect for fresh marketing. Nesbitt grapes ripen over a three-week period, and they are an exceptionally popular grape in North Carolina.
  • Summit – Large and bronze in color, Summit grapes are a female cultivar that are known for their sweet flavor and exceptionally uniform ripening.
  • Supreme – Popular because of its large size and flavorful skin, Supreme Muscadine grapes continually rank as a favorite in consumer taste tests.
  • Tara – This variety has a high sugar content and large size that makes it a much-loved favorite of many people who visit our Clayton, NC vineyards.
  • Triumph – This ever-popular grape ripens early in the season to a slightly reddish color. Triumph Muscadine grapes also have a high sugar content, as well as a delightfully “crunchy” pulp.

Whatever variety of locally grown and ultra-fresh grapes you favor, you’re certain to find it at our Johnston County, NC vineyards in Clayton. FYI, our peak harvesting season is typically mid August through mid September, and you should also know that it’s always a good idea to call us at (919) 553-0016 to check on expected weather conditions and hours of operation. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, but we’ll do everything else we can to make your first and every visit to Boyette Vineyards an enjoyable experience you won’t soon forget!